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ALL ITEMS posted on my website are AVAILABLE for IMMEDIATE PURCHASE all subject to unsold of course.
By P.O.R., I meant I would advise you my selling prices for available items upon your request.


1949.5.13. AIR LETTER SHEET from Shanghai to USA

Selling Price at US$400.00


1949.7.29. AIR LETTER SHEET from Amoy to GERMANY



1949.12.8. AIR LETTER SHEET from Kunming to USA



SYS 15c POSTAL CARD used in 1939



SYS 15c POSTAL CARD used in 1940



SYS 30c POSTAL CARD used in 1942



$200 surcharged SYS POSTAL CARD used in 1945



HUNAN surcharged CNC $50 POSTAL CARD



CNC $700 rate. P.O.R.


CNC $3500 rate. P.O.R.





Cover FRONL ONLY shows a very scarce "MING-KUO-YUAN-NIEN" cds.

Selling Price at US$3,000.00



Coiling dragon 1c(fault) tied to cover to USA by Shanghai postmark of " Yuan-Nien/4th Month/13th Day ", unclear Local Post backstamp, entered the U.S. mails with 2c stamp tied by U.S. POSTAL AG'CY SHANGHAI CHINA APRIL 15,1912 duplex postmark. Cover creased at upper right, an elusive combination franking and a late example of such a usage.



An illustrated cover from Hailun of Manchuria, franked with coiling dragon 3c stamp, tied by elusive " REN-TZY " postmark; Harbin and Tientsin transit postmarks.

Selling Price at US$900.00


Cover in bad quality with wears/tear on right side, mailed from Hsuchowfu to Shanghai, franked with coiling dragon 3c stamp, tied by " REN-TZY " postmark; Nanking transit postmark and Shanghai arrival postmarks on back side.

Selling Price at US$500.00



RED-BAND cover from Suchow to Tientsin, franked with ROC overprint 3c stamp, tied by " YUAN-NIEN " postmark; unclear Kiangsi " REN-TZY " postmark and Tientsin arrival postmark alongside.

Selling Price at US$400.00


RED-BAND cover showing various " YUAN-NIEN " cancellations.

Selling Price at US$300.00





An illustrated cover from Poklo of Kwangtung Province to England, franked with coiling dragon 10c stamp, tied by " YUAN-NIEN " postmark; Canton and Shanghai transit postmarks on back side.

Selling Price at US$800.00


SMALL PLACE cancellation on 1913 cover.



Overprinted Chinese character "HWA" shorten variety on 1914 cover.



Green color coiling dragon 10c stamp used on 1914 JULY cover from Mukanshan to USA.; Shanghai July 8 and I.J.P.O. July 9 transit postamrks on back side. Although this stamp was supposed to be obsolete then for postage, no postage due was charged anyway.

Selling Price at US$5,000.00





1916 Yuan Shih-Kai regime "YUAN-NIEN" cancellation COVER.

Selling Price at US$700.00


Military related EXPRESS cover with elusive TSINAN STATION bilingual cancellations and Peking Express native cancellation.

Selling Price at US$880.00





1925 COMBINATION cover showing Junk 3c stamp added for FORWARDING FEE to Kuling with Kuling arrival cancellation on the back side.



Shanghai AGENCY cancellations on 1938 REGISTERED COVER to England and forwarded to Germany.



Scarce 1939 DOUBLE TEN/NATIONAL DAY commemorative chop



Stamps OFF 1939 cover to USA bearing scarce handchop of " STAMPS LOST IN RIVER / SALVAGED MAIL FROM / JAPAN AIR RAID "

Selling Price at US$880.00


Philatelic cover with Chung-Hwa $5 IMPERF Block.

Selling Price at US$50.00


1945.9.9. Rear Admiral M.E. Miles COVER from Nanking to USA showing the JAPANESE SURRENDER SIGNING CEREMONY rare commemorative chops



1935 COVER with "TRAIN OFFICE No.4" cancellations.



1948 COVER with "MOBILE POST OFFICE" cancellations. P.O.R.


1948 COVER with "Wuchang Airport,Mails Storing and Transferring Station" cancellations. Selling Price at US$700.00


1948.7.6. Very Early Usage of $20000 on cover to USA. P.O.R.


Seldom seen usage of CNC $4000 stamp on REGISTERED cover. P.O.R.


1948.11.13. CNC/GY combination cover to USA. P.O.R.


1948.11.15. CNC/GY combination cover to USA. P.O.R.


1948.11.19. CNC/GY combination cover to USA. P.O.R.


















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