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ALL ITEMS posted on my website are AVAILABLE for IMMEDIATE PURCHASE all subject to unsold of course.
By P.O.R., I meant I will advise you my selling prices for available items upon your request.

Mixed Frankings of UNOVERPRINTED SYS stamps and SHANGTUNG overprint stamps. P.O.R.


1943 REGISTERED cover with UNOVERPRINTED SYS stamps. P.O.R.


CENSORED cover with HOPEI overprint stamp. P.O.R.


REGISTERED cover with CERTRAL CHINA surcharge stamps. P.O.R.


HOPEI overprint stamps. P.O.R.


SOUTH CHINA overprint stamps. P.O.R.


MENKIANG surcharge stamps. P.O.R.


NORTH CHINA surcharge stamp. P.O.R.





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